Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Solomons knot Love Knot Lover's Knot

Video Tutorial for Solomon's Knot Lover's Knot Love Knot

Each knot is begun by lengthening the loop left on the hook to the required size. This technique requires a little practice to achieve equal length of all knots.
1.    Make a chain and lengthen by dragging the loop to the required length.

1.    Yarn over the hook
2.    Pull the yarn through the loop on the hook. Make sure the back thread of this long chain is a bit away from the 2 front loops of the chain.
1.    Now insert the hook into the back loop of the chain and yarn over again.

2.    Pull the yarn loop through and yarn over.
3.    Now pull through both loops on the hook. This makes one Solomon’s knot.

1.    To start over the next row with solomon’s knot,
Ignore the current knot on the hook, (do not drop from hook) and skip next two knots and make a solomon’s knot into the center of the third knot as shown. Continue making knots in alternate knots around.
P.P.S. The length of the lengthened loop for the knot on all the rows excepting the first row should be half the size when compared to those on first row.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Vintage Flocking Swan Symphony


These serene beautiful swans are flocking at the lake with such elegance.
These are from 1980's issue of Coats Publication. 

                                                    I will post the pattern details soon.

Dainty Swirls

Flower Basket

Our Hearts Speak

As some melodies of my dream came to life
The cool breezes of early dawn woke up my senses
And our hearts sang in one tune...
Happy Valentine's day Niv!

These vintage hearts n flowers bloom to our love...

Irish Rose N Humming Bird

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Elegance Peacock Doily